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Beyond the Horizon Conference

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It is difficult to estimate how some seemingly small developments become driving forces of transformational changes. In 2007, Apple released its first iPhone. That same year, an automated vehicle completed the DARPA urban self-driving challenge for the first time. Little more than a decade later, in 2021, more than six billion smartphones were in circulation globally, and automated vehicles drove more than six and a half million kilometres in the US state of California alone.

Innovation, both technological and in service delivery, is a core driver of change. What will be the next innovation that will transform how we live and how we move? How can we prepare ourselves to accommodate innovations still beyond the horizon? And how can we better anticipate and plan for changes and disruptions which are unclear at present but will require innovative policies to manage and overcome?

ITF's Mobility Innovation Hub, in collaboration with the French Ministry of Transport, convenes its first Beyond the Horizon Conference, an annual conference focusing on emerging technological and governance-related innovations and disruptions. The contributions of the discussions inform the ITF’s Mobility Innovation Hub programme of work and ITF member countries in setting their policy priorities.

The Conference brings together experts within and outside the transport sector, foresight specialists, academics and innovators from the private sector to discuss forward-looking innovations and potential disruptions that may challenge public authorities’ capacity to achieve their public policy objectives.

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