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Bridging the Gap on Executive Education with the University of Clermont-Auvergne

17:00 - 18:00 CET  
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This webinar part of the new TDA Academy series zooms in on the curriculum produced by the Executive Education Community of Interest initiated by Portugal in 2019 and created in association with academia, research institutions and other partners to offer active professionals and graduate students an opportunity to become leaders in the field. Currently, the curriculum has been utilised at the University of Clermont-Auvergne. The webinar touches on key elements of the curriculum, what has been done so far by the entities that have implemented it and discusses the next steps on how to rediscover this product and move forward on this effort.


I. What was done in the Executive Education Community of Interest - Presented by Mr. Pedro Filipe, Advisor at the Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Mobility at Ministry of Environment and Climate Action, Government of Portugal

  • Purpose and objectives of the CoI
  • Curriculum - process and content
  • Portugal - engaging professionals in transport decarbonisation

II. What has been done so far at the University of Clermont - Auvergne - Presented by Dr. Patrick Oliva, Project instigator of «OrbiMob’ Clermont Auvergne»

  • Collaboration with the University
  • Roll out of curriculum and programming
  • Academic perspective - utility and educational value of the curriculum
  • Truths & Myths about transport decarbonisation for decision-makers

III. How to move on forward - Interactive part - Jamboard

  • Members and academia partners to ask questions or comment about previous points
  • Provide insights on how this work can be integrated into other university/academic programmes in partnership with members
  • Challenges related to training present and future decision-makers - gather feedback

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